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How fit can you get?

Calisthenics Amsterdam

At Calisthenics Amsterdam, we focus on mobility and training with our own body weight. Strongly similar to gymnastics, but with its own raw and urban touch. As it is easily adapted to each and everyone’s level, training is open for everyone to join and have fun!


A park in Amsterdam is where Wesley started hanging from the bars. Through YouTube videos of other Calisthenics athletes from America he learned the movements. Together with the knowledge gathered from previous professions, he found a way to structure it all in a responsible manner. This was the start of Calisthenics Amsterdam


We all love discovering our physical and mental strength, testing and accepting our boundaries. We grow together by sharing our knowledge and helping each other get fit and happy.

Calisthenics Amsterdam XXX
Let's get moving!


Our urban gym think bars and weights is tucked between old shipyard containers in
the north of Amsterdam, easily reached by bike, car, subway, boat, you name it. This
is where we take street workouts to a whole new level.

Calisthenics Amsterdam XXX


  • “Super fun and effective workouts with nice people and a great atmosphere!”

    Naomi Duits
  • “Wesley is a high energy trainer with a high energy repertoire!”

    Casper Schulte
  • “Great workout, great trainer.”

    Zarah Aharon
  • “When the gym is too dull and the park is too far away: Calisthenics Amsterdam! Rough, raw, friendly, personal.”

    Marco Pesch
  • “At Skyscrapers we happily work together with Calisthenics Amsterdam. A unique training environment to train using only your own body weight and just a few attributes, so cool!”

    Aeron van der Looij
  • “Terrifically amazing trainings! Wesley knows a lot about power training, cardio, and everything to do with sports. He makes sure the trainings are varied, intense and fun. It doesn’t get better than this!”

    Richard Zevenbergen
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