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How fit are you?

About calisthenics

A park in Amsterdam is where Wesley started hanging from the bars. Through YouTube videos of other Calisthenics athletes from America he learned the movements. Together with the knowledge gathered from previous professions, he found a way to structure it all in a responsible manner. This was the start of Calisthenics Amsterdam

What is Calisthenics?

At Calisthenics Amsterdam, we focus on mobility and training with our own body weight. Strongly similar to gymnastics, but with its own raw and urban touch. As it is easily adapted to each and everyone’s level, training is open for everyone to join and have fun!


Core values of our community are physical and mental strength and acceptance. Sharing our knowledge, we can grow together, by helping each other getting fit and happy.
In short, it’s just a big playground for adults!

Let's get started!

Calisthenics Amsterdam

Calisthenics Amsterdam is the new urban gym of The Netherlands based in the north of Amsterdam.
We take street workout to a whole other level at this unique environment in between old shipyard containers.

Street Workout

Kalos Sthenos

Beautiful Strength


  • “Super fun and effective workouts with nice people and great atmosphere!”

    Naomi Duits
  • “Wesley is a high energy trainer with a high energy repertoire!”

    Casper Schulte
  • “Great workout, great trainer.”

    Zarah Aharon
  • “Wanneer de gym te saai is en het park te ver joggen: Calisthenics Amsterdam! Ruig, rauw, vriendelijk en persoonlijk.”

    Marco Pesch
  • “Met Skyscrapers werken wij samen met Calisthenics Amsterdam. Een unieke omgeving om te trainen met eigen lichaamsgewicht en speciale attributen. Erg leuk!”

    Aeron van der Looij
  • “Ontzettend goede trainingen! Wesley heeft veel verstand van krachttraining, cardio, en alles wat met sport te maken heeft. Hij zorgt voor veel variatie, een hoge intensiteit, en een goede sfeer. Beter kan het niet!”

    Richard Zevenbergen