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Calisthenics For Beginners:
How To Get Started

If you are familiar with fitness you have probably heard of calisthenics. It is a popular form of exercise for many people and it has many benefits. But what exactly is calisthenics? How can it benefit you?

Calisthenics Warm-up

A good warming-up prevents injuries. You probably know that. But do you always warm up before exercising? How do you do this for a calisthenics workout? Need some tips and advice for a proper calisthenics warm-up!

5 Common Shoulder Injuries in Calisthenics

People go the physiotherapists for many reasons. 40% of people consulting a general practitioner for shoulder injuries still have the same injury one year later. In this article, we will discuss the 5 most common shoulder injuries (since there are so many). In this article we will provide you with 6 exercises to prevent shoulder injuries

6 pre-workout warm-ups to avoid injuries at the gym

As we get older it becomes increasingly important to warm up properly to avoid injuries. These six pre-workout warm ups will help prevent injuries at the gym so that you don’t pull a muscle and throw your training schedule out


Everyone can relate to the strange and unpleasant sensation of muscle soreness. Who hasn’t immediately tested out this feeling by stretching their arms or legs just to see how far you can go before it starts to really hurt?Knowing how to reduce muscle pain after a gym workout can have a tremendous and positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing

10 Cool Down Exercises To Do After Your Workout

It’s easy to skip a cool down after your workout—you’ve just exerted tons of energy, stimulated your blood flow, and you’re exhausted. Your daily to-do list might be calling your name and you figure you can just put off stretching till later, right? Only you’ll probably forget and never get around to it

Are you ready to be amazed?

new type of training

At Calisthenics Amsterdam, we focus on mobility and training with our own body weight. Strongly similar to gymnastics, but with its own raw and urban touch. As it is easily adapted to each and everyone’s level, training is open for everyone to join and have fun!

Calisthenics Amsterdam XXX


100 Pullups


Calisthenics Amsterdam XXX
Hour Classes
Pull-up bars
KG weights
Get out of your
Comfort Zone

“No matter how slow you go you still lapping everyone on the couch.”

Are you next?

This is how I started

Calisthenics helped me through a tough time in my life. Together with a workout and the community I was able to go through my dark times to found myself again in combination with a balanced health.


We have multiple hours during the day, so check the schedule to see when is your ideal time

Great Community

Come and join are great and loving community!

Personal Trainer

Our training are main focus is to get you and the group stronger than ever and with a big smile

Sections and wrapper can be manage easily

At Calisthenics Amsterdam, we provide you the best sport environment

The Calisthenics “basics” classes introduce you to a pure form of training with your own body weight. With which you train strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility.

This form of training is a powerful method to get fit in a very versatile way. You don’t just train your strength. Practically every exercise is a compound exercise, which also improves the coordination of your body. You have more control over your movements. In addition, it also makes you more agile and flexible.

Meet our trainers

Our trainers are the best of the best. They have over ten years of experiences in this field.
Bodine Guiaux Calisthenics Amsterdam

Bodine Guiaux

Calisthenics Amsterdam Jesse van Eeden

Jesse van Eeden

Jan Schreuder Calisthenics Amsterdam

Jan Schreuder

Wesley Kalkhoven

Wesley Kalkhoven

Karel de Vries

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Lodewijk Klinkhamer

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