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Why calisthenics?

Doing Calisthenics does not only make you stronger and fitter. It’s a way to learn new techniques and to challenge yourself, all in a playful manner. Next to that, the community is close and gives you a real sense of belonging.

Am I strong enough to join a class?

Everyone is strong enough! We train with only our body weight and all exercises are easily modified. If you can perform a push-up from your knees, you’re more than okay to join!

Can I get private training?

If you want to get stronger and fitter in less time or if you want to be coached personally, personal training might be a good one for you. If you have any questions with regards to personal training, please send an e-mail to: info@calisthenicsamsterdam.com. Together, we will discuss the availability, fares and more important: your goals. This way we can connect you to the right trainer and focus on what matters to you!

What do I bring?

Make sure you bring a towel, a water bottle and preferably some fruit for afterwards, as his will help you recover quicker.

What's the different between calisthenics basic & advanced?

During our ‘Basic’ classes, we will work on the fundamentals of Calisthenics. We’ll work on gradually getting stronger and more agile, preparing our bodies for the more advanced movement. In the ‘Advanced’ classes, is where we’ll focus on these more advanced movements, like handstands, front- and backlevers, planches etc.