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Personal Training

“Achieve your goals and stay fit forever”

What have you been dreaming of? Lose weight, build muscle, learn to do a muscle-up or human flag? We’ll work on it one-on-one. If you’re looking for a lifelong transformation, this is your chance. Let’s make it happen together. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you!

Calisthenics Amsterdam Personal Training
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What others say

My PT sessions with Wesley were really transformative, and not just physically. I found back strength on more than one level. Wesley works intuitively with you on what’s the best way to go exercise wise each session, and catalyses what’s present with gentleness. Highly individualized – your goals, feelings and abilities are seen and taken into account, leaving you with a stronger version of yourself in multiple ways🔥

Nils Paar

For the past 7 months I have been working out with Wesley at Calisthenics Amsterdam, first through personal trainings and recently I have joined the group workouts. It has been an amazing journey and I could not have wished for more. Wesley and the other trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly, but what I appreciate the most is their attention to the personal side of the trainings. The focus was always on me finding my limits but remaining comfortable in the workout, which made for a safe and effective environment for me to improve. The trainers did more than help me improve inside the Calisthenics arena, they also guided me to improving as a human in my personal life. It has changed my life and I have found new friends because of Calisthenics Amsterdam!

Jordi Groeneveld

Wesley is a very intuitive trainer.  He is so good at reading you and how your body works and creates a workout completely individual to your needs. Because of this, each session is unique and fun.  He knows exactly when to push you or when to slow you down.  I also really appreciate how knowledgeable he is about movement and anatomy, he can help you work through and prevent future injuries.  I highly recommend Wesley as your personal trainer.



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