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Wesley Kalkhoven

Wesley Kalkhoven

Iโ€™ve always loved sports, but somewhere along the line I forgot what it was to really play. To move without constantly pushing yourself to the edge, and aiming for bigger and better the whole time.

Calisthenics Amsterdam Jesse van Eeden

Jesse van Eeden

Jesse is an expert in different power moves and is a young calisthenics athlete trained by Russian top athlete Artem Morozov.ย 

Lodewijk Klinkhamer Calisthenics Amsterdam

Lodewijk Klinkhamer

This man is made for calisthenics and lives and breathes the sport! He’s a beast in statics and holds and is one of the most motivated athletes we know at Calisthenics Amsterdam.

Jan Schreuder Calisthenics Amsterdam

Jan Schreuder

As an ex-soldier Jan knows how to get the body moving. With a wide range of exercises, he ensures one of the best workouts out there!

Karel de Vries

With a totally different background Andre developed his new state of being through his workout, and he’s never looked back sins.

Bodine Guiaux Calisthenics Amsterdam

Bodine Guiaux

We are really proud to have Bodine in our team who demonstrates that women should be equally represented in the currently male-dominant calisthenics world. With a powerful gymnastics background, Bodine uses her experience to fine-tune and expertly create her classes with passion and openness.

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