Hire the Calisthenics Amsterdam team to hold workshops for your local school group or corporate event!

Why book Calisthenics Amsterdam for your workshops?

Choose Calisthenics Amsterdam for an engaging and original fitness workshop that can be tailored to your group’s needs. The team will come to you at your location, bringing all the relevant equipment for an effective, captivating calisthenics-inspired session!

Team Building

Nothing pulls a group together better than a team workshop! Enjoy team building and bonding benefits by joining in on a group calisthenics workshop.

Physical & Mental Health Benefits

Enjoy improved physical and mental health from engaging in fitness.

Increased Productivity

Participating in a fitness workshop is known to increase productivity afterwards! Your work team or students will benefit from improved focus and attention as they return to their day.


If you choose Calisthenics Amsterdam for your Team workshops in Amsterdam, your group will be guaranteed to have a great time!


Submit your enquiry at Calisthenics Amsterdam today. Complete the form and chat to a member of the team to find out about your options for team workshops in Amsterdam!

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